What is "Creative Technology"?

creative technology is the process of bringing together tangible and digital assets to make a company stand out or be more visible.

Creative Technology is a discipline we practice at iP for all our clients.

Which brings us to what imageProjektions, the iP Mark, and imagePro365 stand for; and why it is important to us as the business has evolved over the last 18 years.

imageProjektions IS a creative technology company, focusing on both the visually enticing and technology driving forces that propel visibility for companies, individuals, groups, and products.

The i and P in imageProjektions stand for two different elements of the Creative Technology niche, one being image Projection or the thrusting outward of an entities image to bring its visual force in front of the world; and the i and P in imageProjektions also stands for intellectual Property. 

imageProjektions deals with a tremendous amount of intellectual property creation, promotion, branding, and visibility mechanics; meaning that we help solidify tangible and virtual products foundation by providing product concept to prototype development services, branding and packaging services, marketing in traditional and digital modalities, and technical writing and printed matter creation for pieces like instruction sets and other product essential inserts.


You can count on imageProjektions to leverage all our creative muster and resources for outstanding results!

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