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Competition is fierce and releasing new products or rebranding an established product carries risk and if you are not pragmatic about how you brand/rebrand and promote your product(s); they might just slip quietly into the night an (to coin a phrase) and go unnoticed in a sea of your competitors.

Pragmatic you say? Yes I say pragmatic- because as the definition states:

Definition of pragmatism

1:practical approach to problems and affairs 

  • tried to strike a balance between principles and pragmatism
  • a sensible practical approach or a methodolody balanced with creative awesomeness makes for product and brand releases that have long lasting success.

Here is some insight in to how we think about boxes and product branding, because boxes aren’t just boxes and brands are like fingerprints; and we want both to leave impressions that last for a very long time.


Make Your Product Branding Resonate by Being Personal

Focus on the user experience first, be extra glorious (but not facetious) with the descriptions and then add brevity to how you talk about the products. Sometimes this can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. If you feel you need to talk numbers, sizes, levels, or thimajig volume; make it brief and not overshadowing so the user experience is kept where it needs to be.

Descriptions of what benefits your product gives is a must! Tell us how your ball bounces higher than any other, or how your toothpaste whitens teeth blindingly, or how your super secret blend motor-oil will save any engine’s life no matter how bad it runs. “The Real World” is the best world to live in and your product should as well! Tell us how your product solves everyday problems so we can all buy with the utmost confidence.

Remember! We’re here to help! We design brands from the ground up every day…


Who Are Your Industry’s Mover’s and Shaker’s? Grab Hold of Them!

Your product’s purchasers use many tools to pilot their shopping vessel, and more and more use the internet as a primary source to research and then make purchases of your brand; so your packaging and brand all encompassing must be solid as a rock and eye catching. FACTOID: As of December 2016, 79% of the American Consumer Population moved to some kind of internet purchase. Which means that not only are you competing for shelf space and second glances in retail stores but you’re competing with twenty times more products in your bailiwick with even less time to grab a second glance for purchase attraction.

What does reacting out to influencers and mover’s and shaker’s mean exactly?  It means if you are developing a new type of wheel for a skateboard, you would want to create a proposal and send samples of the finished product or reach out during the testing phase of your patented prototype with the understanding that they will promote and review and use your product. Mover’s and Shaker’s are influential in demographic purchasers eyes. We can help you identify those influencers and then reach out and contact them on your behalf or help make the connection.  Influencers for any given product can reach upwards of 25,000 engagements in a very short time if they have the following. Identify your products niche influencers and then make them aware your product is the bees knees!.


Stylin’ and Profilin’ – Packaging that is so On Point it’s Scary!

People will gravitate towards your packaging if it looks fantastic! Potential purchasers love the BLING BLING, the FLASH FLASH, and the UNIQUE UNIQUE! Packaging has two roles, 1) to protect the contents when it’s distributed and 2) to attract attention when it’s displayed; investing attention into the packaging of your product and how it can be utilitarian and eye catching are a must! Demographic placation is uber important here, if it’s a classy product, the packaging should reflect it. If it’s a leisure or tech product, then the packaging should reflect a relaxed or techy appearance. Consumers always judge their books by the cover and by cover I mean the packaging.


Order Now because its SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!
Pre-Orders are A-OK!

Pre-orders an excellent pre-release marketing tool and by announcing that you are in a PRE-ORDER SITUATION you can create a frenzy situation. This excellent marketing strategy allows you to collect advanced reservations, paid or not and increase the demand for your product before its official launch!

Many consumers who see the pre-order opportunity make the assumption that your product will be difficult to get when it’s officially brought to market, which as mentioned before, creates this state of demand. Demand is good! Perks or incentivization in the form of discounts, extra features, or an exclusive founders version of the product make for excellent ways to drive pre-orders.


Ain’t No Party Like Your Product Release Party!

Make a ruckus! Be loud and proud of your product; throw the biggest party your block has ever seen to celebrate the release of your new product. Put a countdown clock on your website, share the event on all social media outlets, and make sure you live stream the party poppin’ people at your event. Make sure you invite the influencers to your party, and consider hosting release parties in multiple locations if your product is sold in stores or in different geographic markets.

Lead by example, and your customers will be excited about your product, and the proper pomp and circumstance will win their hearts and minds forever! So plan, plan, plan for that release party and your ascent to fame and fortune!


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