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provides services for many different areas, and these services can be purchased as custom bundles, as a single service, or on a contractual basis because there is a continual need (a good example would be business printing for Real Estate Brokerages- a contracted rate means better pricing on a larger scale).

Design Work
Web Development
Online Stores
Social Media Management and Coaching


The Simple Things

We do simple just as good as we do complex. If you just need a logo, awesome! We want to help you! We can help you! We can deliver a logo, a business card, a banner.
Simply, Quickly, Effectively!

What you need with options for more!

Brand Identity

You need a more complex set of services for branding? Or do you? Branding a business, a person, a product takes consistency and unification in both visual and verbal messages.
We provide that consistency from beginning and beyond!

Web Development

We all know websites are like fingerprints; each is different in subtle ways but there isn’t any smoke and mirrors behind getting a web-thingy you really need.
(Yes web-thingy is a techy term- like a widget, or a whatsis, or a whosit, or a thing-a-ma-bob!) 
We deliver what you need and help you scale when you need to.

Out of the Box Strategy

Businesses all have similar properties, and that similarity sometimes makes it difficult to stand out. Thinking outside the box is what we do best. We’re like an idea factory. Ideas that we put together in a system to help you Brand and become visible. In a sea of black and white you can b bright yellow!


We’re really good at taking your idea and giving it life. Life that makes you happy and your target audience take notice. Logos, print design, online, packaging and product design are just a few things you can expect incredible results from us for you.

Business Processes

imageProjektions can help you gather snapshots of your business and help you expand from a weak online model to a strong eCommerce to production model by listening to you and implementing systems that bring together existing systems or suggesting new systems and integrating them with products like NetSuite, HubSpot, and WordPress to name a few.

Thank’s for taking the time to check out what imageProjektions does; projecting your image and building your intellectual property; that’s what imageProjektions or iP stands for. Image Projection and Intellectual Property, we help you develop both. Check out the short video below, I think you’ll like it, and it tells you a little about what we do.

The faces behind imageprojektions

We’re Regular People Just Like You!
Chris Rabkin

Chris Rabkin

Owner, Chief Creative Director

Yes I know I need a new picture, but I’m busy helping people just like you, and you want the real me don’t ya? Not me in some monkey suit just because it’s what everyone else does.
Mike at 3d Print Florida

Mike at 3d Print Florida

Awesome 3D Guy

Mike at 3D Print Florida produces 3D work helping inventors and those who have a product that needs rapid prototyping service. We are happy to be working with Mike and 3D Print Florida as our 3D and Rapid Prototype Provider.
Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

More of our Work for awesome people

I mean we could throw it all in a gallery on one page, but that doesn’t let you see cool stuff on every page of this website. We all know it’s all about the cool stuff, the cool people we do things for, but mostly it’s about helping people reach steps the couldn’t without some help.

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