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Building websites is something we do quite well

Like logos, websites have their own unique personalities. Don’t get me wrong, there are a finite number of ways to structure a website; there are infinite ways to make it yours!

Every website is a journey that we take with you, from the initial concept to the features, to the final product; this website is your baby. Be it a blog, a sales page, a full on eCommerce store, or a proper corporate website, we’re here to make that journey easy for you.

The Basic Website

Sometimes all you need is a basic website to tell the world your message. Generally one or 2 pages and a contact form.
Starting at $400
includes 12 months hosting.

The Basic Ecommerce Website

From Prestashop to WooCommerce, we can help you setup, style, and launch your online store. As a full service agency, we can handle everything from graphics to importing inventory.
Basic web stores starting at $800
includes 12 months hosting.

The More Advanced Website

So a basic site with a couple pages isn’t going to do the job, and you want the flexibility to expand the website on your own in the future? No Problem! A WordPress website is just what the Doctor Ordered! We will setup your site with a custom Divi Theme or Divi Builder framework  and provide training so you can create pages and add your own content.
Basic web stores starting at $1200
includes 12 months hosting.

One Step Above Basic

When you need a basic website and a little something extra, like say…WooCommerce setup, or Gravity Forms setup to limit registrations so they can be approved, this is the plan for you.

Starting at $600
includes 12 months hosting.

Two Steps Above Basic

So you need something more substantial than just a simple website with a contact form. No problem! Full websites with pages, graphics, seo, and other functionality extensions are our specialty!

Starting at $1000
includes 12 months hosting.

More Than Just a Simple Ecommerce Site

With the ability to manage your store directly using tools like EmagicOne’s Store Manager for WooCommerce, Prestashop, and Magento, we can bring your ecommerce website to life! List just a few products, list a few hundred products, or list a few hundred thousand products, with our ecommerce background and our management partners, you can be an ecommerce force to reckon with!

Starting at $2700
includes 12 months hosting.

I Need an A+ Education Website

Have no fear we work with Lifter LMS (learning management system) as well! Lifter is great for creating your own university, or for creating a corporate intranet training platform. With this package you get a WordPress Site, Setup of Lifter LMS (excluding purchases for licensed plugins) curriculum framework.
Starting at $900.00
includes 12 months hosting.

I'm Looking for an Employee Portal that has LMS Features.

By deploying Lifter LMS (Learning Managemen System) in a custom WordPress website, you can have a functioning portal for file sharing, employee training, messaging, and just about any other company feature you can think of or need.
Starting at $1800.00
includes 12 months hosting.

I'm Looking for a Superior Hosting Company

Hosting is an important decision, just as important as the content of your website. We partner with two superb web hosts that have tremendous value and stability.
GoDaddy is a premier domain registrar and web hosting company.
Eboundhost is our primary hosting company. They manage our imagePro servers and have been partners with us since 2006.

Hosting from both companies starts at 3.00 per month. Click the logos to the left and compare. If you have questions, drop us a line!

Let’s conqueror the web together!
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