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Chimi & Franks

Chimi & Franks is a baseball park style eatery that contracted imageProjektions to develop logos and large format banners for their restaurant and kiosk at CenturyLink Park in Fort Myers, Florida.


Aeromotive/AeroLube Automotive Service

Derek Seaton, Master Mechanic and owner of Aeromotive Services came to me to design his first logo and business collateral about 15 years ago. Derek is not only a highly trained Factory Mercedes Master Mechanic, but also an aircraft mechanic too boot. Derek recently purchased an existing automotive service center and ask us to rebrand and design a new logo based on the original Aeromotive logo. I should note that these aren’t what I would call monumental logos, but the branding is consistent and the customer had specific destinations that we had to follow. This is more about loyalty because of good service and pricing than style, design, and pizazz.


iNKYS BMX Racing Products

Nothing to see here except an awesome BMX products brand logo. iNKYS BMX Racing manufactures bike chain-rings for specialized BMX Dirt Track Racing Bikes.


SHUR - Smart Health Resources

Corporate wellness done right! That is exactly what SHUR Smart Health Resources does and why branding in the corporate realm is so important. Healthcare brands require a solid and well thought out visual appearance that conveys confidence, knowledge, and stability. This is why SHUR came to imageProjektions.


Live Rock Band-MACNA 2018

If you search for my name on Facebook (Chris Rabkin) you will see that I am very involved in the Aquatic/Aquarium Hobby at both the Hobby and Manufacturer levels. I have many many friends and contacts that request logos and work for their brands and for fun gigs like this Live Rock Band Logo. Tullio Dellaquila co-owner of Reef Brite Lighting plays guitar and several other of my aquatic friends formed a band called Live Rock. Which is a trade name for aquarium rock used by Saltwater Fish and Reef Keepers for rock that has been or is seeded with bacteria that helps with biologial filtration in the an aquarim.


Salty Gardens Aquaculture

Florida’s premier breeder of clownfish, Salty Gardens Aquaculture got a snazzy new logo that represents exactly their vision for their brand. Their logo comes in a full color and single color versions.

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