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01 Coral Rx 87% Sales Increase in 2019 over 2018!

Coral Rx for those of you not familiar with keeping a Coral Reef in your living room, Coral Rx is an important factor in successful Reef Keeping.

,For more information check out this article on about what Coral Rx is used for and how successful Reef Keeping goes hand in hand with this product.Keep Your Reef Critter Free

Beau Henschen the current owner of Coral Rx and I have been working together since mid-2018, and after several strategy discussions, he agreed to try out my sticky marketing method and it gave Coral Rx fantastic results!

This process takes some time I admit right up front, and it’s definitely a tortoise vs hare race. But, given time you will see more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately more sales.

Step 1: We revamped the website and traditional printed marketing materials to be cohesive and ensure all matched from top to bottom.

Step 2: We addressed the larger issue of lacking organic SEO from good content and valuable information for people who use Coral Rx and people who sell it. By adding regular website/blog posts covering the usage of the product and pushing that information to various social media platforms and user groups, Coral Rx broke through their ceiling and saw a steady increase in sales.

Coral Rx is not a B2C/B to C business to consumer-style business in most cases, but supporting their dealers and supporting end users with information and assistance is a winner for them. Businesses/manufacturers that directly support their product though a direct consumer channel do 83% better in the sales arena than their competition who doesn’t.

Step 3: We developed collateral materials to provide to resellers, distributors, and end-users to help the Coral Rx product be used properly. This helps to stem bad experiences and boost positive results.

Step 4: By implementing a ticket-based support system (I’m fond of Faveo Helpdesk because they have both a Free Cloudbased and Free Community Self Hosted version which allows smaller companies to scale their helpdesk needs as they grow with reasonable paid options that won’t disrupt the budget.) to assist customers at all levels with tracked support.  

If you need instant traffic this 4 step approach along with adding a PPC/Pay Per Click advertising layer will give you some instant visibility which if planned out can be very affordable and very effective.

Let’s talk about your 87% Sales increase today! I want to help you sell more and engage with your people!

Coral Rx Dip Video – not our work but an important part of the brand’s visibility.

01 Coral Frenzy

Cool rebrand for the premier saltwater aquatics food manufacturer Coral Frenzy

Ken Easter of Coral Frenzy came to us with the need for a simple logo revamp. His original logo designer had fallen off the map and really; truth be told, didn’t create the logo of Ken’s dreams.

Over the course of 2 years, we worked with Ken to rebrand both the Coral Frenzy website and the jar labels so they would deliver maximum visual impact and draw the attention of shoppers’ eyes.

Being that Coral Frenzy is an established brand and the current logo has made its rounds for a while now- we needed to be sensitive to keep some of the original brand identity in the refresh of the product labels. 

The updated logo is similar to the original Coral Frenzy logo and the packaging retained a ring of color around the logo from the original orange, yellow, and florescent green jar labels. 

This new update is exactly what Ken was looking for and sales are on an uptick after the 2-year hiatus while the branding work was being done. 

A new social media push along with contests in related Facebook groups as well as a social media posting consistency on FB and IG have pushed this established brand, its new formula, and new look to the top of the coral food world.

02 Order LRS Wholesale Portal

Larry's Reef Frenzy sales soar with easier ordering!

It would be an understatement to say that Larry’s Reef Frenzy isn’t a household name when it comes to fresh frozen fish food blends. Larry DuPont built his fish food business with sweat and hard work, acheiving the status as one of the premier food brands for saltwater aquariums and breeding programs as their food of choice for several species of fish. Larry requestd we build an ecommerce store that strictly sells wholesale to the LRS store and distributor base. The portal’s unique one page ordering capabilities makes it easy to receive orders anytime day or night.

03 The Dutchkinz Story

The only successful sale from a Yellow Pages at I've ever had!

Dutchkinz is as it says a company that makes “Traditional Dutch Delights”, and delightful they truly are!!! Poffer pancakes and stroopwafels are two of the main “delights” Dutchkinz makes. So let’s backup to the beginning and then you can view the project and read the whole story. One day I get a call from the wife of Sebastian Hermans (the owner of Dutchkinz) asking for some logo help; I setup an appointment and we met a day or so later. I asked Mrs. Hermans how she found me; shockingly she said the yellow pages! Read more to see how imageProjektions was able to help this brand go from a bad design to a great solid brand with staying power! 

04 Reef Frenzy Radio

Taking the Larry's Reef Frenzy Food Brand Further!

Podcasting is a fun way to created lasting audio content to bring your brand to a whole new level. Use it to assert you are the authority in your specialty or be general and use it to cover a wide range of topics. Whatever you choose to talk about with your guests and audience, there are some tools that will help you be successful. Larry DuPont came to iP again after having tremendous success with his wholesale eCommerce site and asked us to help put Reef Frenzy Radio to life. Click the button and read the story!

05 Blue Life USA

When Eric Cohen of Blue Life USA/ needed website help and print/graphics help we stepped in and fixed him right up.

Now because of my involvement in the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby, I am friends with many greats in the hobby.  Marc Weiss, Eric Cohen, Scott Cohen, Tullio Dellaquila, and many many more. For Blue Life USA, we handle their main informational website and their multi-tier online store. They have both retail and wholesale capabilities with a new livestock section coming in 2018, with custom modules for remote employees. On the print side we help with marketing and production of labels, product packaging and trade show product design and print.

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