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Coral Frenzy

Coral Frenzy has been a customer of imagePro365’s for a few years now. Ken Easter, Coral Frenzy’s owner and creator is an absolute joy to work with and has become a close friend that I speak to almost daily. Many of my customers become close friends, that’s the best part of this job!

This is a variation on the original Coral Frenzy Logo which we didn’t design but did make final adjustments on and manipulate for the various needs Coral Frenzy Requires. Sometimes a logo takes an evolutionary path that swings away from the final piece, but working closely with Ken, all the final branding and new website are exactly what he wanted and everything from jar labels to hand towels are in production and getting ready to go to distributors.

The New Coral Frenzy Label

The decision to go with layouts that are somewhat end product specific, were made for the new Coral Frenzy jar labels. The sps (small polyp stony) coral “Bush Blue” is one of Ken’s favorites and was used as the background for the traditionally bright yellow powder food label; with some brightly colored Zoanthid corals gracing the traditionally bright green small pellet label. 

Additional items produced for Coral Frenzy are Florida Frag Swap Promotional Retractable Banners and sell sheets for distributors.
Photo credit Busy Blue- Ken Easter Zoa Wall- Josue Matias aka “Pork Sandwich”

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