Project rebrand

Coral Frenzy

Coral Frenzy is a well known brand of coral and saltwater fish food available for sale in the United Stated and select areas elsewhere in the world. Ken Easter, Owner and founder of Coral Frenzy was a referral for logo work from one of our other clients, Larry DuPont from Larry’s Reef Frenzy.


August 2017
Logo, Package Labeling


Web Design

Beginning here you see the progression from client idea and the logo evolving as we work together to reach the final product.

The water oval and the free form script text convey the properties of the logo and the color combinations that the client wanted. Once Ken and I discussed the ideas in detail and placed the logo version on his packaging ultimately the suggetions of using target species for label exclusivity and color tinting to keep with the 3 label colors Coral Frenzy has had from the beginning- we came to the final version of the logo you see. 

Communication back and forth with customers is essential. Not just listening but hearing them discuss their needs and desire, then finding a solution for them visually is what we’re awesome at!

The satisfaction of one customer, lead us to help another customer via referral; turning into a logo, print, branding, and web design/development client. 

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